Tracy & Tony Ross wrote on 16th January 2011:

  • By Daniel Harston
  • 10 Oct, 2016
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sandy, Bless, Fansu and Lamin for the time we spent with them at Basori Nursery School and village at the start of January.

Although school hadn't officially started back,a huge number of children had turned up to show what they had been learning and it felt like half the village had turned out to welcome us all with singing and dancing (the village entertainers have so much energy!!). Both us of were overwhelmed by the friendliness shown by the people of Basori, including inviting us to share communal lunch and a constant stream of babies being plonked in my lap!! What an experience!

I was particularly impressed by the manner in which the charity is run, with overheads kept to an absolute minimum and complete transparency over where your donations are going. It was lovely to see how much donations are appreciated and how far even a small amount can go in Gambia.

Getting involved with Goal for The Gambia truly made our holiday. Despite having been to The Gambia many times, this was an opportunity to see the 'real' Gambia and I would recommend it to anyone. 
Keep up the good work Sandy and team!
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