How it all began...

I fell in love with The Gambia and its people whilst on holiday in 2006. Whilst I was there, I saw lots of children who weren’t in school because many families were unable to afford the school fees. When they could, they were beaten back by the cost of books, stationery and school uniforms.

I decided to try and build a nursery school, so set about fundraising. This humble concept grew and by 2008 we became a registered UK charity, offering fully funded scholarships to children in most need, creating employment for teachers and offering them training and professional qualifications thereby ensuring long term stability for the school, students and the local community.

We’re now supporting five schools and a health clinic which serves more than 10,000 people. Prior to our intervention, the clinic was surviving without qualified staff, medication and basic First Aid equipment. However, the clinic operates differently now and you can read about the positive impact we’ve made and the many hundreds of babies we’ve helped to safely deliver here.

Having seen the difference we were able to make, I gave up my job as a social worker in London, moved to The Gambia and have immersed myself into a very different life by living in a small village and without the usual home comforts!

GOAL for The Gambia is now managed by 3 trustees and supported by 8 committee members - all volunteers based in the UK and amongst their other responsibilities, ensure 100% of every donation goes where it is supposed to. We do not fundraise for administration costs, instead relying on Gift Aid to fund these essential overheads, so please Gift Aid any donation if you can.

If you'd like to make a donation for something specific as a gift, then please do let us know as we'd be happy to send you a certificate by post or email to give to them.  

Giving Opportunities to Achieve and Learn is what we do and if you’re feeling inspired and would like to help, we’d love to hear from you. You can keep up to date with what we are doing through our social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your support,

Sandy Sanyang 
Founder and Trustee GOAL for The Gambia  
By Daniel Harston 10 Apr, 2017
I don't know where to begin to say thank you for all you did, we are both lost for words to describe what it meant to us, it truly made our trip this time so special. I'm so glad we found you and got involved with your project and we are especially keen to start gathering supplies for your clinic. Thank you so much again for a very special day and look forward hopefully another visit in the future.
By Daniel Harston 07 Apr, 2017
We visited The Gambia for the first time in February 2017. We were kindly offered to spend a day with Sandy visiting Bantangba Nursery. It was amazing to see with our own eyes the work put in by Goal For The Gambia, truly inspirational. We received a warm welcome by the teachers, students and parents alike. The highlight of the day was the welcome song the children sang us. Thank you Sandy and the whole Goal For The Gambia team for making our day extra special and we look forward to seeing you again in the future!
By Daniel Harston 03 Mar, 2017
Another fantastic day with Sandy and the team visiting the nursery school at Somita. Wow, what a difference 2 years makes. There is now another building with an additional classroom and a Dream Room where the children are able to go and have either structured or free play. What always strikes me about this school is just how happy everyone is and how dedicated and committed the teaching staff are.The welcome the school gave to Megan was overwhelming. There were certainly some tears of joy and thanks. Lunch in Yanks's compound was as delicious as ever with hospitality as generous as always. My husband and I are proud to support this wonderful charity. Thanks for a top day.

By Daniel Harston 03 Mar, 2017
I'd like to just say again what an amazing experience we had at the school and the compound. Myself and my children were completely blown away and felt humbled by the kindness we were shown. After the beautiful and very emotional welcome we were given from the children and staff at the school, we had a short meeting with the head teacher who told us all about the school and the support from the charity. We were then welcomed into each classroom where we saw the amazing effort and work each teacher puts in, the teachers were outstanding! The children from each class sang a little song before we left, they were all so lovely. Next we had a dance and a kind of ceremony where we were given Gambian names in the shade of the unbelievably huge tree. We left the school feeling so privileged to have met such kind, beautiful people. We then went to a compound where we were shown around and told about life there. We were made to feel so welcome, we played with the children a little, while the lovely ladies prepared us an utterly delicious meal of benachin and domoda. The food was out of this world!! I can't express just how much gratitude I have for the family for making us feel so comfortable in their home and there are no words to indicate what a fabulous day we had. It was a day myself and my children learnt so much and we will never forget it. Thank you again so much to all involved and a special thank you to Sandy and her amazing team who made it such an enjoyable experience xxx

By Daniel Harston 03 Mar, 2017

Just a massive thanks for everything on Wednesday. We really were truly amazed by the work you have done and the welcome from all the kids Bantangba Nursery and Somita Clinic. We both said afterwards how much we were fighting back tears throughout the day. We will definitely be back and try and help in any way we can running forwards. Xx

By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016

I am delighted to welcome Njagga Touray as our newest GOAL For The Gambia employee. He will be our nurse at Somita! Many of you know him already as he was posted to the clinic by the Government but he was not there full time. We really needed to have a permanent full time qualified nurse there to work with Seedhou and the team so we are very happy that we have managed to persuade him to come and work with us. Of course we need to pay him well to keep him there so if there are any people out there who prefer to support the health side of our work please consider a monthly donation towards his salary.

By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
We were keen to help out a local charity in bringing out a few items of stationery, medical supplies and football shirts. After a stroke of luck via Trip Advisor, I was introduced to Sandy and that was that. The woman is a "Wonder of the world." She co-ordinated our day visit to Kitty School where we given a welcome like the Royal Family would expect. A fantastic place with enthusiastic teachers and pupils.

The school is in the process of having a much needed staff room being built by its own staff! Commitment! We were fortunate enough to have been given approx 50kg worth of contributions from friends.  
A great day out and thoroughly recommended.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
This was my first time visiting The Gambia and I had a great time highlighted by my visit to Bantangba nursery.  
Sandy and Sarjo were an inspiration. The work they have put in to establish the Nursery is commendable. The children welcomed me with singing and smiling faces. They were all exceptionally well behaved and a credit to the teachers. I was treated with great hospitality by all. I highly recommend a visit to any of the charities projects.  

Thanks Sandy and Sarjo for a great day out.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Just home from our second fantastic holiday in The Gambia and I'm sure we will return in the not too distant future.
We spent an inspirational day with Sandy at Somita village visiting the Bantangba nursery school and clinic , the staff and children at the school made us so welcome and we loved hearing them sing. It's amazing how much English language they have learnt in the few short months since the school opened and they are all obviously very happy there.

Don't miss a visit if you are on holiday in the Gambia , it's a great day out and an experience you will always treasure.
Thanks Sandy & Sarjo
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
I visited The Gambia for the third year in a row with 8 high school students and another teacher. During our trip we spent 2 days visiting 2 of the schools that GOAL for The Gambia works with - Bangtang Nursery in Somita and Kitty School. Both days were absolutely fabulous and our students enjoyed them so much they didn't want to leave!

Within a week of our return one student has persuaded 2 people to sponsor children and all students have met with the head teacher to ask if they can do anything in school to promote knowledge of the work. Such a rewarding experience - please go if you can!
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Recently returned from our second visit to Gambia. Sandy took us to Bantangba nursery again and it was AMAZING - last time we saw it in Feb there was no roof. Now it is open and looking great painted in the school colours ! We went into classrooms and saw the kids, met the staff and were entertained by the mums !!

After this we went to the clinic at Somita , a baby girl had not long been born ! A few days earlier we made our second visit to Sanyang Scout group and once again spent a wonderful day being entertained by the band, majorettes and the marching scouts. Mohammed, our sponsored child, was looking well and seemed to have grown a few inches !

We are hoping to return again in Feb next year and look forward to meeting up again with Sandy and our Gambia friends !
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
I have just returned from Gambia and had an amazing day at Kitty Arabic school, truly amazing day, dancing, laughing and viewing the amazing work Goal for The Gambia have achieved , keep it up, we will be returning
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
We returned from a week in Gambia on 21 Feb - our first visit but certainly not our last !! We spent 2 days with Sandy from GOAL for Gambia. The first was a wonderful day with Sanyang Scout Group where we were entertained by the band, majorettes and the excellent marching scouts - all finished off with a great sing song and dancing !

The second day was a visit to Somita clinic where we were introduced to the 2 hardworking nurses and met some mums with poorly babies waiting for medication that we had only just delivered. Next was a visit to the school at Somita that is being built by GOAL for The Gambia. Almost to roof height and making good progress - we cannot wait to see it full of kiddies willing to learn.

Sandy & Co do such an awe inspiring job here. Our trip has certainly made us think how we can do just a little to support too.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
I have just got back from such an amazing trip to The Gambia with my college which has totally changed my life. I got back yesterday and the first thing I have done is find the Goal For Gambia website.

During the visit to the Gambia, I went to many different schools and universities but we also went to Kuloro nursery. We were welcomed with singing and dancing and it was just a wonderful experience meeting all the children who are just so eager to learn.

I have absolutely fell in love with The Gambia, the culture and the people who are the friendliest in the world. My experience there has made me want to come back and possibly do some volunteer work with Goal For Gambia if that could be arranged and stay for a longer time than a week, which wasn't long enough! I will be sponsoring a child too!

Goal for The Gambia is an amazing charity who's work really pays off, seeing it with my own eyes you can really see how dedicated they are to the schools and pupils they work with. Wonderful charity.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
We went with Sandy & Louise to Kitty school. We were made very welcome & joined in with the children with their dancing. Sandy had been ill with Malaria just before we went but you can see she is an inspiration to all at the school they all loved her. We visited all the classes from nursery to year 9 & saw the work that Sandy had been doing on the new toilets & the water pump. We then were taken for a meal at a local compound.

We will be going back & hopefully - Chris will be able to assist in some building/renovation work at one of the schools. Thank you Sandy
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
I have just returned from my first visit to the Gambia and I fell in love with the country, the friendly locals and the culture. The friend I travelled with had visited Gambia previously and visited some of the schools with Sandy and recommended it to me. We visited Kuloro nursery school and it was a wonderful day out, the ladies at the school and students made us feel very welcome with lots of dancing. We were cooked a lovely lunch at the compound after so you get an insight as to how the locals live.

We also went to visit the medical clinic in Somita, this was a real eye opener but seeing the great work that Goal for The Gambia is doing there is inspiring and the great work that the staff are doing there.

The great thing about the charity is if you bring anything to donate, you get to see directly where it goes. This was an experience i wont forget. Thank you Sandy for all the great work you are doing and showing us around. It's truely inspirational. x
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
This year was my 5th visit to the gambi but my first with sandy. She is amazing and a truly inspirational lady, we spent the day at Kuloro nursery and the afternoon with the women of the compound. We absolutely loved it and couldn't thank them enough for there amazing hospitality. I will definitely be returning next year with more equipment. Thanks again Sandy
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
I have visited Santa Su nursery with Sandy twice now. I was very impressed with the hardwork and dedication of the teachers and staff. I am really pleased that I took my 9 and 13 year old with me. It was a wonderful experience for them and one I am sure that they will not forget.

You are always made so welcome and it is clear that any donations you make go directly where they are needed and are certainly very much appreciated. I am hoping to become a regular visitor and watch with excitement the improvements being made to support the children's education and the wider community.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
We had a fantastic day out at Kuloro nursery. There was 7 of us on the day and we were very well looked after with lots of dancing and food and lots of singing by the children.
Amazing work that Sandy and Goal for The Gambia are doing there
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
This was our second time visiting a school that Sandy is supporting. This time we visited Kuloru nursery and were welcomed by the village ladies who danced us into the school. It was amazing to see what improvements had been made since Goal for The Gambia started supporting the school last year.

The children were very focused and happy and were delighted to demonstrate their learning during our visit. It again was a very humbling experience. This was followed by a wonderful lunch on the compound and more singing and dancing by the ladies of the village. Another truly wonderful experience! Keep up the good work Sandy xx
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Thanks Sandy for a truly amazing day! It was great to see Santo-Su nursery - the screams of joy will never be forgotten! The time and effort you put in is truly inspirational. Oh and the lunch was a great experience! I can't wait to be part of Goal for The Gambia - it means so much more now that we have seen where the money goes and the people it will be helping! I can't wait to go back and see all the smiles...
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
We spent the day with Sandy when we were in the Gambia in February this year.
We had a great day at Santo Su, the children were fantastic and we must say a special thanks to the head teacher for the wonderful song he taught the children which they sang to our daughter!
Thanks again to the head and his family for the lovely lunch and relaxed afternoon we spent with them, we could have happily stayed alot longer!
This is the second time we have been out with Sandy, she is working wonders with this charity and it is so nice to know that every penny goes towards helping and to see for yourself the work that is being done s fantastic...
We will be back next year and are looking forward to seeing you again!
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Hi Sandy,
Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to you and janko for organising our fabulous day out to meet our sponsor children. It was a truly humbling experience and we had the best day!!. Hope you got the trumpet care kit ok.
Will see you next year inshallah.
J and S xxxxxx
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Wonderful welcome when we visited in February 2013
Our visit with Sandy to Kuloru nursery was a revelation. Smiling parents,welcoming staff,and bairns happy and proud to go to school.
We were entertained by children aged three to seven ,all perfectly behaved and fascinating to listen to during their lesson.
Its hard to believe that these children and their wonderfully enthusiastic parents are so happy and so prepared to share .
We were humbled and proud to have been allowed to visit and so pleased to be able help a little with the school supplies we took along .
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Hi Sandy,

Jo and I would like to thank you for arranging our visit to Santosu. As always when going to one of your schools, we get that 'feel good' factor.

The welcome dancing and singing from the mothers, the well behaved children, meeting the headmaster, Fansue and Bless all adds up to a great day out. Thank Fansue's family for the delicious lunch. You are all wonderful and dedicated to helping the children of the Gambia
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
It was a pleasure to meet the staff from the schools you support when we ran the First Aid training course at Santo Su in February.
Looking forward to cooperating with Goal for Gambia in the future.
Bill Nelson
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
My friend and I visited Kuloro Nursery with Sandy and her lovely volunteers on 29th January this year. It was our first full day in Gambia on out first ever visit to The Gambia. What a lovely way to start out adventure. We were given a loud, noisy and happy welcome and encouraged to join in the dancing. We visited all the classes and were proudly shown their new toilets and water pump. We then went to the local compound where we ate a lovely meal Gambian Style. We had an inspiring day and I intend to go back and visit with Sandy and one of the schools the next time I visit.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Sandy, just wanted to reiterate our comments to yourself and Fansu for allowing us both the opportunity to visit Kitty school last month. We both had a memorable day and realised just how much the Burnley Football Shirts were appreciated - what we thought was a small donation turned out to be so much more.

We have sent photographs to the football club for inclusion in their match day programme - we will either send you a copy or post a link for you all to view.
So glad the toilet block has now been completed - and that you received the kind donation from MR P - well done.
Keep the impetus strong and we hope to see you all next year,
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
In January 2013 I was finally able to take 10 students from the school I work in to visit The Gambia.  
We have been partners with a high school in Brikama for the past 2 years and this was the culmination of many projects. As part of our trip we went with Sandy to visit Kuloro nursery school. Our students were overwhelmed with the reception we received and many of them said it was the highlight of their week when we returned.  

I can't thank Sandy enough for all she did to help me organise our week - I couldn't have done it without her. Our students had an amazing experience during their week in The Gambia; one they will never forget. The work Sandy does is fantastic and I hope she continues to do so for a long time yet!
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Thank you so much for such a wonderful day last week when you took David and I to visit Santosu nursery in Brikama. We both agree that the memories of the visit will be long lasting. The whole day was a real eye opener and gave us so much insight and understanding into real life Gambia. It was so much fun seeing the kids at school and all their singing and smiles plus we felt honoured by the ladies dancing and then spending time after the visit with the delicious lunch and seeing family life. A truly unique day that left us smiling and thoughtful.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
had already visited the Gambia and Santo Su Nursery School in Brikama a few times but myself and friends who book holidays with me visited the school with Sandy as she was presenting a laptop to the school on behalf of another charity she works with called Inking About Africa who also do great work. As we visited the school we had the usual wonderful welcome-please take stationery,books,school goods and balloons as they are much needed and welcomed. The school roof had received a battering from summer storms and was in a dangerous state but shortly after we got home to England we heard the news and saw the photos that Sandy had had the school roof renewed and refurbished with the help of her fantastic team through charitable donations.

I would recommend contacting Sandy and visiting the schools and projects with her. The childrens' smiles and their enthusiasm to learn, seeing the hardworking teachers who work for little pay makes every holiday special.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
If you want to invest in the Education and future of a child in Gambia this is the charity that delivers every commitment it makes.

I spent the last week with Sandy, Fansu, Janko and Bless visiting Kitty and Santosu nursery,  two of the projects that have thrived from sponsorship donations. All the money spent is put to great use whether it be sponsoring a child's education, buying essential equipment like desks,chairs,repairs to school buildings,the building of a new much needed toilet block, the list is endless.

I was welcomed with great excitement by the schools and communities - the children are a joy to meet. If you visit the Gambia take the time to arranged a visit to one of these projects you wont regret it. The day is full of fun, dancing with the ladies of the compounds is a must.

Sandy and her team work so hard to give these children a start in life which is something we take for granted in this country. I cant wait to go back next year to see how things have progressed. Sponsors are still greatly needed to make sure that this charity continues to do this great work. Miss everyone and wish I was still there
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
We had a wonderful and uplifting day with Sandy. We were taken to Kitty to visit the school and a compound.
When we arrived at the school I was completely overwhelmed by the joyous and happy greeting of the children.
The ladies of the village had come to greet us and very soon Sandy and I were dancing or at least I was trying to follow the women and their enthusiastic dancing.
Dave meanwhile had managed to begin a conversation with the teachers using the universal language of football.
We walked around the class rooms and met the children some of whom sang to us. We were made to feel really special such a wonderful experience.
We took some gifts of books and pencils etc but only wish we could have bought more.
We were able to bring very little with us just a drop in the ocean really but we gained so much more from this visit.
I was touched on so many levels.
So thankyou Sandy for taking us on a wonderful visit . We look forward to meeting up again in March 2013 x
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
lovely to read about Santosu they do lovely work there and can't wait to return and see the new additions to teaching
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Would like to say a big thank you for taking us to Kitty's. What a lovely day we had visiting this school, the children were lovely and so happy. The teachers clearly are very dedicated. I will as promised try to get all my fellow workmates on board and hopefully make a donation for the school. I will also get collecting the school uniforms so all the children will able to attend school in the same uniform. Thank you so much
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Thank you Sandy, Fansu and Yahya for making us feel very welcome in Brikama. The children were delightful and the food we had or dinner was he best I had all of my time in the Gambia. We hope the children are enjoying the footballs and not causing too much noise! For people that had so little, that gave us so much. They were warm and friendly, the dancing with the women of the village was hilarious.

We hope to return soon and have spread the word as much as possible about the great work you are doing there. Please keep hold of the Gambia shirt I stupidly left in the van, I will pick it up next time!!!
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Thank you to Sandy and Fansu for taking us to Kitty School the week before last. We were made to feel very welcome by all the students and staff who were brimming with energy and enthusiasm.

It is great to see Goal for the Gambia working closely with the local community to furnish and develop the school. Thank you for looking after us so well and all the very best to Kitty School and all the other projects.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Many thanks to Sandy and Fansu for a wonderful day out at the nursery school in Brikama. It was a fantastic day and the highlight of our holiday. This was our first time in The Gambia and we were so glad that we were able to enjoy this wonderful experience. We packed as many books, pens etc that we could and the welcome we received was amazing - we felt like royalty. We visited each class and met the teachers and the children. The school is very basic and they have no supplies it seems other than a few pieces of chalk.

The local ladies sang and danced for us afterwards and we did our best to learn the Jola dancing. We then had a gorgeous lunch with Fansu and his family at their home and spent the afternoon happily smothered in small children. I never imagined what pleasure a few balloons could bring. I urge anyone thinking about visiting a school to contact Sandy and arrange a day with her. She is doing marvellous work under difficult circumstances but just a little help from people like us goes a long way.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Wow, what can I say? We had such a memorable day with Sandy, Bless and Fansu in Basori. To anyone thinking of arranging a trip to one of the schools, please do - you will not be disappointed!

Throughout the whole day all of the locals made us feel so welcome. We were greeted by a group of women from the community playing music, singing and dancing and we loved attempting to join in without making fools of ourselves! We then got to visit each of the 3 classrooms and see what kind of work the children were doing. Afterwards all the kids came outside and joined us, asking us questions and holding our hands.

When we emailed Sandy to arrange a visit, she gave us the option of just visiting the school or also spending the afternoon at a local compound afterwards. I'm so glad we made a full day of it - we felt so honoured to be having lunch at Bless' family compound and we had the best food of our entire holiday there! We spent our afternoon playing games with the kids and chatting to the head teacher and the locals about The Gambian way of life. We got such an insight into ‘The Real Gambia’ that we wouldn’t have got if we stayed around the hotel area or doing tour excursions.

Its also worth mentioning that Sandy is very mindful of giving you your own unique experience. She told us that she doesn’t put groups of people together, so when you arrange a visit it’ll just be you, her and the locals! She also let us choose how long we stayed. It was by far the highlight of our trip and a day we will never forget…thank you Sandy, Bless and Fansu!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We visited St Francis' Basic School in Sanyang with Sandy last week. It was a last minute change of plan, as we had been due to visit Basori, but it was a wonderful experience and we couldn't have asked for a better day.

After meeting the staff and spending some time looking around the nursery classrooms, we were taken into the hall where the whole school put on an assembly for us, with singing, tribal dancing and even a play. We were very honoured that everyone had gone to so much trouble for us and we really enjoyed all of the children's efforts. It was also great to be able to hand over the medicine, stationery and gifts that we'd brought for ourselves as we could really see the impact that they would have on the school.

We then had a lovely afternoon at Janko's family's compound and we'd like to say thanks again for the amazing lunch and the lovely gift we received.

We really look forward to keeping in touch with how St Francis' and the scouts are getting on and would encourage anyone who is thinking about arranging a school visit to go for it, it hugely enriched our trip to The Gambia and we really hope to be back again soon. Sandy is doing a wonderful job!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We were collected from our hotel by Sandy and Fansu on Monday 5th March. Sandy was excited to tell us that we were to be the first visitors to her new project at Kitty School. We arrived to a warm welcome from the whole school, all the children lining the streets and chanting our welcome, we really felt like royalty and it was totally overwhelming. Once at the school there was more singing and dancing before we were shown round each classroom most with no desks and a nearly empty storeroom. The head teacher then exitedly discussed his vision for the school. We were then taken to a friend's compound where we played with the children, drank green tea, had a wonderful lunch, and really got to experience real Gambian life. It truly was a most memorable day that has inspired us to continue to support Sandy in the wonderful work she is doing. Can't wait to return again next year.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We visited Basori Nursery on 18th Feb 2012 with our 6 year old son Finn.We were collected by Sandy and her fellow helpers Bless and Fansu.The welcome at the school by the ladies and children was fantastic we were all soon up dancing .We were then shown around the school and some songs were performed by the children to us.The headmaster then showed us what had been done so far and what still needs attention.
We had the most amazing time and are well and truly sold on helping all we can. A return trip is already in the pipeline.
Thankyou so much.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We visited Basori Nursery School with Sandy, Bless and Fansu in February. What an amazing day we had!!! We were welcomed by the village ladies and given a tour of the school. The children and staff were delightful. We were also given African names which was a lovely touch - thankyou. We then had lunch at Bless's compound - the best meal we had all holiday!! Thanks so much to Bless's sister in law!
This was a memorable day - the best day of our holiday by far. It really puts life in perspective. Fantastic memories and a desire to help these people who have so very little. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts xxxxxx
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We spent the day wit Sandy at Basori on Thursday 16th February.
I had also contacted Sandy on Trip Advisor after reading about the charity.
There were 4 of us, me, my husband, our son (16) and our daughter (9).
It was such an intimate day as there wasn't a large group of visitors and we were made to feel s welcome at the nursery school.
It was a fantastic experience for our kids to get a real feel of African life and thanks must go to Fansu for driving us and to Bless and his family for the wonderful lunch!
The work Sandy has done for this nursery and village is really inspiring and she should be congratulated for following her heart and it is very clear that she is thought of as a very special person by those she is helping.
We hope to visit again next year and very much look forward to it.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Firstly I would just like to say as massive Thank You to Sandy and her team for letting us spend more time with them again this year.
The Scouts in Sanyang who did an amazing parade for us, they were so in time with there steps, movements and salutes. They also played & sang Happy Birthday to me which was very moving for me and the memory will last forever. It where an honour to watch them parade. A massive well done to Janko the scout leader, to which I may add is only 23/ 24 years old.
The Head Teacher and Staff at Basori for letting us come to the school once again. Making us feel so welcome with banners for our arrival, which are very nice keep sakes for us. The school is coming on leaps and bounds through Sandy's hard work and dedication to the village.
A few Thanks You's now as I feel we need to,
- The ladies from the village for coming out in full force to put on a welcome for us and getting us up to dance (they are very good at it too).
- Fansu, Bless and Baba for putting up with me and Jonny and for being so kind to us all through our holiday. Loved spending time with you guys.
Last put not least I have a Thank Bless's sister for cooking us real Gambian food on our visits. Her food is amazing. While sitting under the mango tree in there compound having lunch, with the kids playing, the odd donkey passing by it's hard to describe the felling you get from this.

Thank you again to everyone.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
I contacted Sandy after reading about Goal for the Gambia on Tripadvisor. I was planning our first trip to The Gambia, which for our children (Matilda 7 and Rudy 5) would be the first trip outside Europe. I was determined to ensure we all got a proper insight into life there, rather than just life in the hotel or on the beach. I also wanted to make sure we made some sort of contribution towards helping the local people - in a positive and organised way rather than haphazard hand-outs to whoever asked on the street. Happily, I could not have made a better decision, or contacted a better person for the job than Sandy! I won't repeat what all the other guests have said about their visits to Basori, but I will add that it is not something you can come home and forget about. Everyone in my family has talked about it every day since. It is quite an experience to be able to spend time in both the nursery and the compound and the geniune warmth and happiness you feel from the people there is very special. Everyone, including the usually fussy and 'moody' Rudy, couldn't get enough of the delicious lunch (chicken in peanut sauce with rice - eaten communally so a new experience all round). The kids had taken off their shoes and commenced playing on the dusty floor with all the other children within minutes of arriving. Who needs TVs, DS's and Wiis? It makes you think about priorities in life, and the crazy pace of life we have back here in the cold. Anyway, we're certainly going to continue our relationship with the charity and with Basori in whatever (modest - sadly) way we can, starting with sponsorship of one of the children. We all can't wait to go back in December 2012. Thank you Sandy, Fansu, Bless, Basori Nursery and all the children and Mums (and there might have been one or two dads around too...) for a truly wonderful experience. PS I'm not coming back until I have practiced my dance moves - or indeed taken control of the video camera from my husband so he can have a turn with the crazy funky lady with the whistle!!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Having read about Sandy and Goal for The Gambia on Trip Advisor we contacted Sandy to arrange a visit to the Basori Nursery School during our first visit to the Gambia in late November. We took some things for the school and a small donation a colleague at work had raised from running the Great North Run. We thought the visit would give an insight to the real Gambia but didn't really know what to expect.
The day was completely overwhelming. Sandy and her team are doing a wonderful job and being a small charity you are ensured that your donation is put to good use and not lost in administration costs and overheads.
The welcome at the nursery took us aback. We felt like royalty ( until we had to join the ladies dancing and everyone laughed at our attempts!).
The children were so enthusiastic - singing and demonstrating their reading and later playing frisbie with us once we had shown them how to throw it!
Later we visited Bless's family compound for a traditional lunch. We were able to find out more about the Gambian way of life- the men certainly have an easier life than the women!
We will continue to support Sandy in her work to make a difference to those who have so little but are still full of life and enthusiasm. And we have certainly learned to appreciate what we have at home. Thank you , Sandy .
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We visited the Basori nursery in December 2011 and this was definately the highlight of the holiday. We were picked up from our hotel and drove to Basori where we were entertained by the lovely (and rather hyper!!) ladies. The children were brilliant and showed how well behaved they were and how much they had learned when they sang us a song about what they have been learning.
We then visited the village and had a beautiful meal at the compound of Bless and his family (probably our best meal whilst in Gambia!!) We also had the privalage of meeting King Baba!
Whilst in the village we met a local family who we are now hoping to help and then sponsor a little girl from the family when she is a little older.
All in all a fantastic charity doing brilliant things and we are definatley going to stay in touch and try and help out as seeing it first hand really does make it hit home how lucky we are in England.
Cannot wait until March 2012 for out return to Gambia and another visit to Basori to see Sandy, Bless, our new Gambian family and all the children at Basori!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Don't waste your money on excursions from the hotel. Go buy pencils and exercise books and spend the day with Sandy and experience Gambia as it truly is!  There are no amount of words that can describe our truly wonderful experience that Sandy gave us on visiting Basori school. Anyone visiting Gambia MUST plan a day with Sandy. From being collected from our hotel to arriving at the school to dancers and singers to seeing the tremendous good work that Sandy is doing in very harsh conditions. She is an angel sharing her hopes and dreams to a lot of families and children who would otherwise have no hope. She has energy,love and vision which was witnessed continually through out our visit.

By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Would really like to thank Sandy and the rest of her support team that made our visit to Basori school such a magical experience. 
My jaw ached for hours afterwards from the amount of smiling and laughing from meeting the children. I really feel that the Goal for The Gambia organisation is a worthwhile and genuine charity that will make a massive difference in a lot of people's lives in the future. 

It was certainly the highlight of our holiday in The Gambia and we will be committed to supporting the charity in whatever way we can. Once again Sandy, thank you !

From Fatou Badji, AKA Emilie Simpson
Ebrima Jabaken Tim Tovey
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We would like to thank Sandy for the amazing day that we spent with her at Basori. Sandy is doing some wonderful work and we were more than impressed with how things are going and it was great to see first hand that all money raised is being put to the best resources and very well organised.

We visited Basori Nursery school and were made to feel very welcome and had fun dancing with the local female entertainers. We were pleased with the structure of this school, all the children were so well behaved, happy and clever, after visiting the school, Sandy took us to Bless's family in the village, where the sisters cooked us a lovely meal.

We would recommend to anyone a visit to Basori with Sandy, it will a wonderful day and one to certainly remember.
We can’t wait for our next visit to Basori and we are looking forward to working closely with Sandy and helping Goal for The Gambia in every way we can.

Once again.. Thank you Sandy for everything and all the good work you are doing, it was a pleasure to meet you, and you are a very special kind-hearted lady, an inspiration to us all.
Kind regards
Faye & Mark xx
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
 My brother and I visited Basori in November and it was the highlight of our week. Having contacted Sandy before we travelled, she kindly collected us from our hotel. On arrival at the school we were treated like royalty, it was quite overwhelming.

After visiting each classroom, where the children sang for us, we were entertained by a group of local ladies who sang and danced, also persuading us to join in! We were given an 'official' welcome by Ibrima, the wonderful headmaster and then by the village's deputy mayor.

The regard in which Sandy and her helpers are held, quite rightfully, is wonderful to see and the effect this school is having on the community is obvious.

Every gift and donation is received with great appreciation and for such a small contribution of £5 per month to educate one of these children seems like a privilege to me.

I would also like to thank Bless and his family for the wonderful lunch laid on at his compound. We had so much fun with the children there, although I am still recovering from blowing up the balloons we brought!

This is a small charity that is really making a huge difference to many people in great need and it deserves your support.

Thank you Sandy for allowing us to witness your wonderful work.

Best wishes for the future.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Looking at all the other comments what else can I say?

Sandy, Fansu, Bless and Sleepy Lamin are so committed to helping the children. It was a pleasure to be asked to visit the schools and I had tears to my eyes to see how well behaved the children were! and so cute. Seeing Baba in his Chelsea strip was great and since we have returned i have been showing everyone the photos.

If everyone just gave a small amount it would make Sandy's job easier.
I feel once you have been to the Gambia and visited schools you become hooked on helping. Sandy is a very special lady and a friend for life.
It was our first time in the Gambia, the first of many.

Anyone reading this should contact Sandy and give their support, a small amount of gifts or donation goes along way, you will be surprised.
By the end of our holiday and after meeting Fansu & Lamin a few times through out the week, we realized we would never use another guide, they is trustworthy and honest.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Sandy for organising our day out at Basori where we were welcomed with open arms and left feeling exhilarated and wanting to do more to help Sandy and this wonderful cause.

Sandy collected us from our hotel and explained what she is striving to achieve en route to the nursery school. When we arrived it felt like the whole community had come to welcome and thank us for our support and donations. The pencils, pens, books etc were spilling out of the bag we took but seeing the conditions these people live in, we didn't take enough to even scratch the surface although Sandy assured us it would make a big difference to so many.

The school provides an education to so many kids in Basori but we came away having learned so much more than any tourist company could tell us thanks to Sandy's openness and enthusiasm - she truly believes in this cause and having seen things first hand we can understand why.

With this in mind if you are going to Gambia or know someone who is, please consider taking even a few extra kilos across. Thomas Cook will give you an extra 10kg per person, 20kg if you have a letter from Sandy.

Lunch with the family in the compound was just as memorable as a little girl was born that morning.

You do hear adverse comments about certain people taking advantage of tourist money to promote their own personal gain but we can assure you that this isn't the case with the trips organised with Goal for The Gambia. We did miss Lamin and Fansu but Number 1 was a fine driver who we felt 100% comfortable with.

Thanks again and hopefully we will see you all soon.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
One word sums up all these messages. WOW!  
Well done to Sandy, Fansu, Lamin and everyone else. I don't know how I've only just stumbled over these messages...have I missed something??  

We were there Mar/Apr 2010 and were taken out by Sandy to the compound for lunch, meet the family and then a visit to the Arabic school, where we took a couple of football kits. What delight in to see those children's faces and to see them put on a kit and take up a professional pose so fast...amazing.  
The Headteacher too an amazing gentleman. You come back from the Gambia just wanting to help. Sandy, I hope that all the shoes/trainers etc have arrived today on the 'slow' boat. Much love and good luck to you all.  

Alison & Steve. x
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Spending the day at the schools and with Sandy and her team was the absolute highlight of our holiday.
Gambia is an amazing country to visit and being able to see the real Gambia and give a little back was life changing.
Everyone we met the day we spent with Sandy were fantastic. Its so refreshing to always see smiling and welcoming faces. Both my boyfriend and I came away having learned so much about the important things in life, we really felt the they gave us knowledge far outweighed the gifts we brought.

It was so wonderful meeting all the lovely children and teachers. I felt so overwhelmed at the schools, watching the kids read of the blackboards and sing is a memory I'll hold forever.

Sandy is doing a fantastic job and I truly wish her all the best. I have no doubt she will achieve all she has set out too as her determination and hard work are second to none.

Since we've got back I've told everyone I possibly can to visit Gambia, I cant think of a single person who wouldn't enjoy such an experience.

Big thanks to Sandy, Fansu, Bless and Lamin Boy for making our holiday a truly fantastic experience.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
I really don't know where to start. It was the most amazing experience seeing the schools ans spending time with Sandy,Fansu and Lamin. You could actually see how hard Sandy and everyone has worked and you can also see that all the children and teachers are so appreciative of that.We went to see one of the schools last year and to see the change to it this year was very overwhelming!My family and I will try are hardest to give donations. All that is left to say is Thank you and keep up the good work!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We contacted Goal for The Gambia ahead of travelling out to Gambia for our 2 week holiday in Jan 2011. We had seen the reviews posted on Trip Advisor and also on this website and thought that it would be a very different experience to spend a day with Sandy and her team and also assist a worth while cause with our donations of stationary items. We agreed with Sandy that she would collect us from our hotel and we would spend the day visiting the nursery and the Arabic school, which was quite something. We ate a traditional Gambian lunch cooked by the family of one of the helpers and the whole day was unforgettable!

The spirit of Sandy and her team (Fansu, Bliss and Lamin) is quite amazing. They are making a real difference and should be so proud of the work that they are doing. The Gambian people that we met are so grateful at what is being achieved and it is lovely to see this first hand. The children were just brilliant and their families were so welcoming.

As for the donations, they really have very little and are very happy to receive anything at all. We were amazed that the children wanted items such as empty plastic bottles or empty plastic bags so that they could blow them up and play with them! If you are flying with Thomas Cook, do ask them to add an extra free allowance of 10kg to your luggage allowance as you are taking goods to a charity. As long as your charity donations are packed in a separate bag to the rest of your luggage, it is free of charge. When I asked about the free 10kg in the travel shop, they did not know it existed, so I insisted they called their customer service centre and it was added to our booking without any hassle.

After our day out to the schools, we arranged another day out with Fansu as our tour guide and Lamin as our driver. Their fees were much cheaper than Arch Tours (they are the preferred tour company) or the Thomas Cook trips and we had a really fun day out, which was catered around our choices rather than a trip with a structured itinerary. Therefore, check our Fansu's trips before booking any through the tour companies.

We had a great time and will be keeping our eyes on the website to see how the schools are coming along. We wish you all the very best of luck.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We can never say a big enough 'Thank You!' to Sandy, Fansu, Bliss and Lamin for the amazing day we spent visiting both the nursery at Basori and the Arabic school. We have just returned from a wonderful first visit to The Gambia and the day spent with them was definitely the highlight. Thanks to Thomas Cook airline we were able to take an extra, fully laden bag of materials,toys,first aid materials etc which we gave to Sandy before the trip.

First highlight of the day was finding out that the children's' books we'd taken had already sold in Sandy's shop. The amount they'd raised didn't matter, though every little helps; what was so rewarding was understanding the importance the local people place on education. Being given something is great - being able to afford something is an achievement and therefore highly valued.Our day was much like those already described on here - definitely an experience that money cannot buy. Everyone we met was so full of gratitude for what Sandy and her team are doing,not only for the children but also for themselves.From her encouragement and example the villagers at Basori have put a water pump into the school grounds and the staff at the Arabic school have made a tremendous start on digging the soak away for the toilets themselves. On the day of our visit, the nursery teacher was there with her 3 week old baby.....named Sandy.  

Something tells us that could well become a popular name in the future!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We visited the Gambia at the end of November 2010. What a lovely place; the weather was beautiful, the people so friendly and always smiling.
Thank you to Sandy (who runs the charity) and her team (Fansu, Bless and Lamin) for making our time in Gambia so enjoyable and memorable. Nothing was too much trouble for the team. They only ask that you pay for the fuel and the driver. Sandy does a great job and works very hard; she is 100% committed to fundraising for the schools.

We had a lovely day visiting the Nursery and Arabic schools in Basori. What a brilliant day, everyone who goes to the Gambia should go on this day out; this is the real Gambia. We took some items for the schools i.e. pencils, books, posters etc., which were gratefully received. We also took some footballs which didn’t take the boys long before they were playing a game a football. The welcome by the ladies was great, dancing and singing and getting us to join in the dancing. The children sang for us and recited English and arithmetic tables that they were learning.
The nursery school needs toilet facilities urgently and also needs to be fenced in and the Arabic school needs a new roof and also toilet facilities, so that is the next step to raising some money.

We went to Bless’s home in the village and the ladies cooked us lunch which was very enjoyable. Sitting in the sun under the mango tree, it was just brilliant
If you are visiting the Gambia, I would suggest that you contact Sandy at Goal for The Gambia and arrange to visit the schools. You will not be disappointed.

Fantastic work Sandy, cannot wait to go back to Gambia and seeing you all again.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We stayed at Senegambia Hotel at the end of November 2010. The hotel was good, rooms a bit tired but clean. Towels were changed every day. The hotel grounds were large and had monkeys running around which were very entertaining. The hotel staff were very helpful and friendly. The entertainment at night was very African!
We stayed on a bed and breakfast basis, as advised by tripadvisor members, which was a good idea. The breakfast was fine and we did eat a couple of nights at the hotel and it was fine. There were so many restaurants to choose from just outside hotel, along the strip, so it never got boring.

We contacted a charity, Goal for The Gambia, before we went on holiday. We met Sandy who runs the charity and we had a lovely day with her and her team visiting two schools in Basori village. It was one of the best days of the holiday, the children were lovely and although they didn’t have very much, they were always happy and smiling. They were very grateful for the books, pencils and footballs that we took. If a child doesn’t have a notebook or pencil, they cannot go to school. Everyone should have this experience, they will not be disappointed.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Goal for Gambia  is a genuine charity helping the less fortunate in Gambia.

I would recommend anybody travelling to Gambia to contact the charity, donate cash or school equipment and/or and visit the schools they are supporting. I enjoyed the time I spent with Sandy and the team, keep up the good work!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Just having returned from The Gambia on Monday I would like to say that I made the right choice in picking  ´╗┐Goal for The Gambia   - once I had met Sandy and her team - Fansu, Lamin Boy and Bless, I had every confidence in the charity.  

It was a most memorable day out for my friend and I, so much more rewarding than just sending money to charities and not really knowing where all the money goes. As stated in all the above remarks, the welcome party at Basori Nursery School was fantastic - so much joy and happiness surrounding us and it was great seeing the enthusiasm of the children who really enjoy learning and being educated. Next step for us is a commitment to carry on helping Sandy and her team achieve their goals for the children's futures and to be able to sponsor a child in the very near future.  
I will be spreading the word to support this hugely important charity and Big Up to Sandy and her team for making it happen.  
Education is the key.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sandy, Bless, Fansu and Lamin for the time we spent with them at Basori Nursery School and village at the start of January.

Although school hadn't officially started back,a huge number of children had turned up to show what they had been learning and it felt like half the village had turned out to welcome us all with singing and dancing (the village entertainers have so much energy!!). Both us of were overwhelmed by the friendliness shown by the people of Basori, including inviting us to share communal lunch and a constant stream of babies being plonked in my lap!! What an experience!

I was particularly impressed by the manner in which the charity is run, with overheads kept to an absolute minimum and complete transparency over where your donations are going. It was lovely to see how much donations are appreciated and how far even a small amount can go in Gambia.

Getting involved with Goal for The Gambia truly made our holiday. Despite having been to The Gambia many times, this was an opportunity to see the 'real' Gambia and I would recommend it to anyone. 
Keep up the good work Sandy and team!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
I visited Gambia at the end of November 2010 for just a week as a last minute get away. My Mum Sandy runs the charity and I live in the UK with my Stepdad who does a lot of the paperwork side!

I booked my flights one week before I left the UK and i decided to stay in my Mums home to experience the real Gambia life! My Mum was determined to show me the side of Gambia that you don't see on the travel websites, this really opened my eyes and it is crazy to see how such tiny things make people so happy.

My Mum, Bless, Fansu and Lamin-Boy took me to the nursery and also the Arabic School on one of my days there. I found this an amazing experience, watching the children in the classes and some of them are just so small, it isn't like in the UK, these children are desperate to learn and the children as well as their families are so grateful to people ho help, no matter how big or small this is.

The nursery is also named "Sandy Day Nursery", after my Mum, the work they do is amazing and it made me incredibly proud of her to see this.
At my Mum's home, she also has a shop, this is where we send clothes, toys, books, electrical items, jewellery and many more things. The local residents come here and this way they can purchase many items that they can't always get out there, for the most minimum amount of money.  
All the money raised in the shop goes towards both the nursery and the School as well as everyone that sponsors the children.
This isn't about me being biased, I want everyone to know what amazing work my Mum and the others do. There is never a dull moment in Gambia, the people are amazing and I strongly recommend anyone to visit this country!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We visited Basori nursery school with Sandy and her team in November 2010, and it was honestly one of the best days of our holiday (and we've been to The Gambia many times).

We were picked up at our hotel by Sandy, Lamin boy, Bless and Fansu and given a fantastic day out that felt more like a taste of the country than any of the "tourist" trips we've been on. The drive from the resort into the village is a real eye-opener and Sandy is full of interesting facts and information about the area.

On arriving at the school we were met by a welcoming committee, much more fun (and less formal) than going to a parent-teacher meeting in the UK, the ladies who sang and danced for us were great fun and genuinely pleased to meet us.
So into the classrooms, I'd forgotten how little the children are, children as young as three or four, learning their ABC and slightly older ones reading from the blackboard. It was a little bit of a shock at first to see how little they have and how many children are in a class, but when you see how happy they are to be at school and how hard they work you just can't help smiling; The feeling of happiness is infectious.
Sandy explained that some of the older children who have left and gone on to the bigger school want to come back to the nursery school, and a few of them did sneak back in to meet us. (I remember one boy who has adopted Sandy and would hardly leave her side all day.)

After classes finished we all sat outside (under a shady tree) where we donated some books, pens, pencils that we had brought with us from friends back in the UK. It felt like a lot as we carried it from home, but I honestly wish we could have given them ten times as much.
The welcoming ladies sang for us again, the leader singer didn't really need that megaphone but she wasn't letting it go! And the head teacher and his staff gave us Gambian names (which are on our facebook pages now).
Sandy told us the plans for 2011, they want to put a fence round the school to keep the children safe, and they desperately need to build toilet facilities as they have none at the moment.

We had planned to go back to our hotel, but instead we went back to someone's home and I'm so glad we did. We spent the afternoon sitting under a mango tree drinking ataya(?) and eating freshly picked peanuts while the ladies cooked us a terrific domoda lunch. Food is always good in The Gambia, but this home made meal was up there with the best meals I've ever had. And everyone sitting together eating together from two huge bowls is a great family experience.

Then sadly it was time to go.
We made some good friends that day, and we will definitely see them again in 2011. My only regret is that we left it until so late in our holiday and didn't get to spend more time with everyone.

Everyone should spend at least one day like this.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Having done some research ahead of our first trip to Gambia about what we'd like to see and do, my wife and I decided to contact a charity to see how, in our own small way, we could help out and give something back to a country that appeared to be so poor. Following a pretty extensive search, including reading up on various travel sites, we opted for Goal 4 Gambia.

My wife and I found Sandy (who runs the charity) and her team (which includes Lamin, Fansou and Bless) to be genuine, friendly and caring people and the work that they do vital in making a real difference to the lives of children who live in small villages away from the tourist trail.

As others have said, the experience of visiting the different schools is both unforgettable and humbling. Any contribution that you can make is gratefully received (we took a range of books, stationary and sports equipment) but it is worth asking ahead to see if you can bring items that might be in short supply or are difficult to find locally.

Visiting Gambia can be as 'normal' or as diverse as you want it to be. Choose to remain in the hotel or take trips with tour operators and you'll miss out on experiencing small gems like Goal 4 Gambia, whom I can thoroughly recommend to both expose you to the real Gambia and ensure any donations you make go towards making a difference to local children and their communities.

Keep up the excellent work!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
WOW! where to start?  
We visited Basori, we were made to feel so welcome, the children and villagers alike welcomed us like royalty- singing and dancing! The school children were a delight, demons rating theirlearning and songs in class. we felt so truly humbled by all we have and so little they have- yet they don't complain, they always smile. we took the usual school bits and then extra bits for the community- clothes/shoes/reading glasses all were very gratefully received.

The trip was a real pleasure and a total eye opener for both us and our children, we complain about such silly things- yet they don't even have a safe water supply!

The work that Sandy and the charity do is amazing, there making such a difference to the schools they support, helping to make a huge improvement to the next generation of Gambians- with education and a little help they can begin to better there own lives.
Every person should visit somewhere like this, you understand how lucky we are, they have nothing and ask nothing from you but your friendship.
Sandy and the charity does amazing work, work that needs the help and support of people like us, we can really help these people and make a difference in there lives.
we will definitely return to visit Basori, and will continue to help "Goal for Gambia" in whatever way we can.

A huge thank you to Sandy, Bless and the drivers for taking us to Basori, it was the highlight of our holiday- we'll be back!
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks again to Sandy and everyone at Goal For Gambia for everything they did for us during our trip to Gambia. We had the best time! The trips to the schools, and meeting the children were very eye opening, informative, and most of all inspiring. The schools and the children will always be the things we remember about our trip. I hope things are going well with completing the school building that the children so desperately need and getting a roof on it before rainy season.

Thanks also for the trips that we went on.They were fantastically organised, complete fun and educational and fantastic value.

All in all only got wonderful things to say. I would encourage anyone thinking of sponsoring a child, going to visit the schools in Gambia, or considering it as a holiday destination to do all of the above and to contact Goal for Gambia.


Jane and James
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
We were taken on visits to both of the schools, during the Easter Holidays, and were very touched that not only had the children and teachers come in especially to welcome us, but that a large number of parents were there too. This indicated to us the importance of the work of this charity, not only to the children, but to the whole village. They look upon it as their hope for a better future for the whole community. We were lucky enough to meet Sandy who directs the work in the Gambia, Paul, a UK-based Trustee, and Sandy's Gambian helpers. All were totally committed to the task which they have set themselves. Sandy was particularly keen to ensure transparency of the charity's operation. Because this is a small organisation with low overheads, you can be sure that every donation goes to its intended purpose of helping these needy people.
By Daniel Harston 10 Oct, 2016
Good to see you have a guest book. Would just like to say how I found GOAL For The Gambia a genuine charity that delivers what is promised. I have seen for myself that every item donated and every penny given to the charity goes to where it is intended. The trustees in the UK and The Gambia are obviously very committed to the work you are all doing. Keep up the good work!
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