Tanji School 
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For about 3 years we wanted to do something to help the local community in Tanji and identified the local Arabic /English School who were in desperate need of new toilets.

The school is called Usman Bin Affan Basic Cycle and Senior Secondary School and currently has 668 pupils.The existing toilets have been there for many years but have no roof, which means rain fills them up easily and quickly become unsafe to use, especially during the rainy season. We set out to build a block of 6 toilets including one for staff and finished the project in 2017 with local tradesmen doing the work at very reasonable rate for us. The community are delighted we've been able to provide these new toilets for the students. 

We have lots of other ongoing building and renovation projects, please contact us if you'd like to know more.

Santo-su Nursery

Santo-su Nursery is a community nursery built in 1996 under the direction of the Head teacher Alkali Cham. It is in a very poor area of Brikama and the school fees reflect this. GOAL For The Gambia provided a new roof to the original classroom block and had new floors laid in all the classrooms and office. We also provided many school materials, which had been donated to us by our supporters and visitors to the school. We continue to support the teachers’ salaries every month.

Arabic School, Brikama

Our first project was an Arabic School in Brikama where we started work in 2007. When we first visited the school it was in a very poor state and in desperate need of rebuilding. It had two structures used as classrooms and these were constructed of brushwood walls and corrugate roofing. The buildings looked to be dangerously close to collapsing and offered no protection from the weather. The Head teacher highlighted that his priority at the current time was to provide basic stationery items and blackboards. After we had supplied these items we moved on to building a large store to house the blackboards when the school was closed. We then continued onto the main building project. 

We have now completed our work there and the school has been provided with a large classroom block consisting of 4 classrooms and 2 offices, a store and a toilet block consisting of 3 toilets. The school has received a huge number of stationery items, benches and desks, sports equipment, First Aid training and supplies. Since we completed our project they have managed to attract funding and have built 2 further classroom blocks and the site is now completed. 

Basori Nursery

Our second big project was at Basori Nursery in 2008. We found a school with an excellent building consisting of three classrooms, an office and large store. 
We started off by paying salaries to the three unqualified staff, already trying to run to school and employed a Head teacher to manage the school and support the teaching staff. 

We paid for the Head Teacher to attend the Gambia College to study Early Childhood Care and Development and the nursery joined the regional Nursery Association which enabled all staff to undertake training days and workshops. All the children were offered free education and a free uniform to try and encourage parents to send their children to school. We provided the school with stationery items and resources to enable the staff to offer quality education. Over time we provided the nursery with a toilet block and also constructed a wall around the school to make it a safer place for the children to learn. 

The success of the nursery attracted further funding for a well and water pump on the school premises. This has given fresh water for the children at the school, as well as the local clinic and surrounding homes.  We have left the school in a much better position.The children are enjoying their lessons and the three members of staff are more confident of their ability to run the school. 
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