Bantangba Nursery School 

Serving a community of over 5,000 residents in Somita, we started building the nursery school in 2013 after Sandy's father in law gifted the land. As soon as the permissions and blessings had been given by the village elders and village leader, we started to dig in November 2013. Despite very little financial backing, we gradually created the school with the help of local supporters. In September 2014, we welcomed 114 children, employed 2 members of teaching staff and 3 student teachers on a three year placement from Gambia College.  Supporting the Nursery are a bank of volunteers including a Koranic teacher, caretaker and nanny - such is their value, we are striving to secure them paid employment.

Realising there are more children who need attend the nursery than there are places, we have embarked on an ambitious project to create more opportunities by extending the building, employing more staff and ensuring the most deprived children have the opportunity to attend school via sponsorship. 

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Somita Clinic

Somita is a village of around 5,000 inhabitants situated in the Foni Bereft District, West Coast Region, serving at least 10,000 people. When we visited the clinic we found a well-constructed building with various rooms but no qualified staff members, drugs, medication or any other items available to treat patients. 

After visiting on a number of occasions and understanding the plight of the clinic, we decided to try and help and appealed for sponsors to support a qualified, experienced nurse at the clinic. The community have appointed a very experienced senior nurse who also specialises in midwifery. The clinic now employs a newly qualified nurse who is also a very valued member of the team. Since our intervention, around 520 babies have been delivered safely at Somita.

The clinic only charges D25 ( around 50p) for each patient arriving for treatment regardless of the length of treatment. All medications, dressings etc are all provided free of charge. Children under the age of 5 are treated free of charge and between the age of 12 and 18 they pay D15 ( around 30p).

Donations through our Virgin Money Giving page are always welcome to help pay for medicines and nurses. Donations of blankets and baby clothes are equally welcome for the newborns.
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Kitty School

The school at Kitty, close to Brikama, caters for over 600 students from nursery to grade 9. They teach in both English & Arabic and are examined by the Islamic Amana Council. They cover core subjects of Maths, English, Science, Social & Environmental Studies, Arabic, Koranic (9 different subjects) and Physical Education. School fees paid by parents pays for the teachers salaries, however this is an unreliable source of income so the 15 teachers often work without a regular and consistent income.

Through sponsorship we provide a small amount for each teacher so they can rely on at least a small salary each month. We are also sponsoring several teachers through teacher training and in the summer of 2016 three of our teachers completed this training. We now sponsor 4 further teachers plus one who is in her final year of Early Childhood Development Training. The Headteacher is also sponsored and will complete his Higher Teaching Diploma this year. .

The school originally consisted of 6 classrooms and a nursery. With our support, they now boast 10 classrooms, nursery classroom office and store. We have renovated the existing classrooms and nursery including roofing. We have constructed 2 blocks of toilets, a library, staff room and also provided a water pump for water.

Our plans for the future include providing a tap connected to the mains water, a new nursery building and converting the 3 room blocks into 2 classrooms each and then a further building comprising of 2 classrooms. The old classrooms are too small and we believe this is the best way forward.
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We are committed to providing them with pencils, exercise books, chalk, paper, colouring pencils, marker pens, worksheets, visual aids, footballs, skipping ropes and tennis balls. 

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Sanyang Scouts

The charity began links with the Sanyang Scouts in 2007 when we were treated to a wonderful day of entertainment. Sanyang is an extremely economically deprived village, so the Scouts are a very important part of the community. They do a lot of work around the village, cleaning and undertake odd jobs.

With the help of 5th Sunbury Scouts, we have provided many items to Sanyang Scouts. We have given musical instruments, helped them buy 100 uniforms, first aid kits and other essential equipment for the children to experience the spectrum of being a member of a uniformed youth group.

Sanyang Scouts are currently fundraising for an annual camp and training aids. If you'd like to donate to this project, click the "donate here" button and tell us in the "comment" box or contact us for more information.  Please get in touch if you would like further information or to visit the scouts while holidaying in The Gambia, as you will be made very welcome.
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