Sponsor a Child

We are sponsoring over 300 children and young people but not all of them have direct sponsors. We have many waiting for sponsorship and all of them are really needy children,often from single parent families or orphans. We start at nursery level and follow the students through their academic years and always seek to ensure the recipient of a sponsorship is someone who really needs it. 

Sponsoring a child is a very easy way to make a difference to a child and their family in The Gambia. School costs vary but some are as little as £5 a month which incorporates school fees, 2 sets of uniforms, shoes and a bag. For the older children there is often a book bill too.
If you would like to sponsor a child you will receive a photograph and information about them along with copies of any reports from school, letters or drawings from the child at least once a year and probably more often.
If you are planning to visit to The Gambia and would like to visit your sponsored child, either at school or at their homes, we are very happy to organise this for you.

Please contact us for further information, or you can call Julie Russell who is one of our UK based committee members on 07811 270041 for an informal discussion.

Support our Clinic 

Our clinic is based in Somita and serves over 10,000 people within a remote community. 

We've supported hundreds of prenatal women within the Somita region given the appointment of a new, very experienced midwife. Since our intervention, around 600 babies have been delivered safely at Somita. This is a significant improvement because childbirth in these remote communities routinely presented a life threatening danger to both mother and child. If you are able, a donation to help us pay for medical staff is extremely valuable.

We always welcome donations, whether they originate from collections at work, school, amongst friends or from individuals. If you'd prefer to donate instead, then you can via our Virgin Money Giving page. 

Our medical & hygiene supplies wish list consists of:
Plasters, bandages & slings
Pain and anti inflammatory relief in tablet form and child friendly sachets
Toothbrushes & toothpaste
Antiseptic cream & wipes
Antibacterial gel & wipes
Disposable gloves
Blankets & baby items
First Aid kits

Please contact us before you post any donations as we have four UK collection points from where we ship consignments to reduce delivery costs.

Support Women and Girls

A local Women's Group has been set up to empower local women by developing their skills and confidence. Many women in The Gambia are unable afford sanitary towels, and neither are they readily available but this wonderful group, based in Somita,  has come up with a solution to make them. With a little bit of financial backing, this group will go from strength to strength. We also accept donations of feminine personal products and new women's briefs.

We also support Sanyang Majorettes who enjoy being part of a community group and in doing so, learn a variety of skills to set them up for life. The Majorettes are currently fundraising for uniforms and equipment. 

If you'd like to donate to any of these projects, click the "donate now" button or contact us and we can also tell you about other projects you might be interested in.

Donate a Salary

Many of the adults who work with us spent many months, even years volunteering, as they could see the positive difference we were making to their local communities. In turn, we quickly realised their value and professionalism and now endeavour to pay, or contribute towards their salaries. This ensures our beneficiaries, whether they are mothers giving birth, orphans or poverty stricken children at school, get the best possible care and support to give them the very best head start in life.

We have had some success but are still looking for sponsors for teachers, nurses, midwives and caseworkers. A reasonable salary for an unqualified teacher is approximately £30 per month and for a qualified teacher £40.00 to £50.00 

For a one off salary donation, and as a guide, an average monthly salary equivalent to the UK minimum wage is approximately £35.00. 

Teacher training costs are £150 per year for nursery level and more for advanced courses.

You can donate towards a salary or teacher training here and if you have any preferences about which profession you'd like to support, you can tell us in the "comment box" on our Virgin Money Giving page.

Sponsor a Fun Day

A day off for our children is a rare treat. For those children who have the opportunity to go to school, they will often undertake household chores before they go, and also upon their return. For some children, the priorities of their families are such that a day off is impossible, let alone a day trip! Some children, despite only living half an hour or so away from the beach, have never seen the sea. With your help, we can create a day off for the children full of fun, games and adventure, enabling them to learn soft skills outside of a classroom environment. We also provide them with their transport, breakfast and lunch. 

If you'd like to donate towards a fun day, please click the "donate now" button or contact us and we can provide further information. 

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Feed A Family For One Month

One of the very best gifts you can send to a family is a bag of rice. In The Gambia, rice is eaten every day here, often with every meal. A 50kg bag of rice costs £20 and will feed an average family for a whole month!

If you would like to donate a bag of rice to a family in need, or a family you have met or know during your time in The Gambia, please click the "Donate Here" button and tell us more in the "comments" box when directed. 

Support Building, Repairs & Renovation 

If you've read about some of the projects we've worked on and continue to strive towards, you'll know we work hard to create, improve or repair a variety of essential structures. We've been busy with toilets, roofs, water pumps, flooring, classrooms, clinics and a lot more besides! We need to ensure we can continue to create these spaces and make others fit for purpose - to do this, we need your help. You can contribute to our building, repairs and renovation projects by pressing the "donate here" button. 

We are often looking for ex office or school furniture, so if you think you may be able to help with this, we'd also love to hear from you. 

We have been very fortunate to have received a generous legacy donation and after consulting with the family, we have decided to build a new nursery block at Kitty School for children aged between 3 - 6 years old, which is a vital provision for the education of children in Kitty Village. We also feel it is important that children of this age have their own toilet facilities, so we are starting to fundraise to build a toilet block specifically for the nursery. If you like to help us with this, please click one of the "donate here" buttons. 
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Donate Football Kits and Stationery

Football is loved by most children and adults in The Gambia and owning a football shirt is something which is treasured. If you have an unwanted football shirt or pair of shorts in child or adult sizes, we can find a good home for them! Can you get together with friends, colleagues or neighbours and collect unwanted football kits?  

Because it costs families to send their children to school, we endeavour to support them by supplying our schools with equipment.

Our  wish list consists of:

Writing equipment & pencil cases
Staplers, erasers, rulers, sellotape, blu tac
Folders & hole punches
Dictionaries, thesaurus, school bags
Games, arts & crafts
Skipping ropes & tennis balls
Sports equipment, bibs, whistles

We also have a need for things like bleach, chalk, blackboard paint and other items which are heavy and therefore expensive to post. We use a charity supplier website or purchase them locally, so if you'd like to make a financial donation instead of a collection, we'd love to hear from you or you can click any "donate now" button. If you'd like your donation to be spent on something specific, then please do get in touch because we'd love to hear from you.

Please contact us before you post any donations as we have four UK collection points from where we ship consignments to reduce delivery costs.

Online Shopping & Donate For Free!

Online shopping is a great way to raise money for us just by shopping online as you would ordinarily do and you don’t pay anything extra.
1. Let's say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis. Instead of going to directly, you first go to
2 .From the easyfundraising website, click through to John Lewis to make your purchase. This tells John Lewis you came from easyfundraising. The price of the shoes is exactly the same.
3. After you buy your shoes, John Lewis will give you a cash reward that you can turn into a donation for your good cause. easyfundraising collect this and send it on to us at no extra cost.

Sign up to support us via Easyfundraising here
If you'd like to make a general donation, just click here and this will direct you to our page. There is an easy to follow step by step guide which will lead you through the process of making a donation. Please feel free to leave a message when directed in the comments box, and tell us if anything you specifically want to support or a cause you lean towards in relation to one of our projects. Please don't forget to claim Gift Aid if you can.

If you have any queries, please get in touch.

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