Louise wrote on 9th January 2011:

  • By Daniel Harston
  • 10 Oct, 2016
I visited Gambia at the end of November 2010 for just a week as a last minute get away. My Mum Sandy runs the charity and I live in the UK with my Stepdad who does a lot of the paperwork side!

I booked my flights one week before I left the UK and i decided to stay in my Mums home to experience the real Gambia life! My Mum was determined to show me the side of Gambia that you don't see on the travel websites, this really opened my eyes and it is crazy to see how such tiny things make people so happy.

My Mum, Bless, Fansu and Lamin-Boy took me to the nursery and also the Arabic School on one of my days there. I found this an amazing experience, watching the children in the classes and some of them are just so small, it isn't like in the UK, these children are desperate to learn and the children as well as their families are so grateful to people ho help, no matter how big or small this is.

The nursery is also named "Sandy Day Nursery", after my Mum, the work they do is amazing and it made me incredibly proud of her to see this.
At my Mum's home, she also has a shop, this is where we send clothes, toys, books, electrical items, jewellery and many more things. The local residents come here and this way they can purchase many items that they can't always get out there, for the most minimum amount of money.  
All the money raised in the shop goes towards both the nursery and the School as well as everyone that sponsors the children.
This isn't about me being biased, I want everyone to know what amazing work my Mum and the others do. There is never a dull moment in Gambia, the people are amazing and I strongly recommend anyone to visit this country!
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