Susan and Mick wrote on 30th March 2012:

  • By Daniel Harston
  • 11 Oct, 2016
Many thanks to Sandy and Fansu for a wonderful day out at the nursery school in Brikama. It was a fantastic day and the highlight of our holiday. This was our first time in The Gambia and we were so glad that we were able to enjoy this wonderful experience. We packed as many books, pens etc that we could and the welcome we received was amazing - we felt like royalty. We visited each class and met the teachers and the children. The school is very basic and they have no supplies it seems other than a few pieces of chalk.

The local ladies sang and danced for us afterwards and we did our best to learn the Jola dancing. We then had a gorgeous lunch with Fansu and his family at their home and spent the afternoon happily smothered in small children. I never imagined what pleasure a few balloons could bring. I urge anyone thinking about visiting a school to contact Sandy and arrange a day with her. She is doing marvellous work under difficult circumstances but just a little help from people like us goes a long way.
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