Ceri & Darren wrote on 23rd March 2012:

  • By Daniel Harston
  • 10 Oct, 2016
Wow, what can I say? We had such a memorable day with Sandy, Bless and Fansu in Basori. To anyone thinking of arranging a trip to one of the schools, please do - you will not be disappointed!

Throughout the whole day all of the locals made us feel so welcome. We were greeted by a group of women from the community playing music, singing and dancing and we loved attempting to join in without making fools of ourselves! We then got to visit each of the 3 classrooms and see what kind of work the children were doing. Afterwards all the kids came outside and joined us, asking us questions and holding our hands.

When we emailed Sandy to arrange a visit, she gave us the option of just visiting the school or also spending the afternoon at a local compound afterwards. I'm so glad we made a full day of it - we felt so honoured to be having lunch at Bless' family compound and we had the best food of our entire holiday there! We spent our afternoon playing games with the kids and chatting to the head teacher and the locals about The Gambian way of life. We got such an insight into ‘The Real Gambia’ that we wouldn’t have got if we stayed around the hotel area or doing tour excursions.

Its also worth mentioning that Sandy is very mindful of giving you your own unique experience. She told us that she doesn’t put groups of people together, so when you arrange a visit it’ll just be you, her and the locals! She also let us choose how long we stayed. It was by far the highlight of our trip and a day we will never forget…thank you Sandy, Bless and Fansu!
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