Stephen & Jonny from County Durham, England wrote on 20th January 2012:

  • By Daniel Harston
  • 10 Oct, 2016
Firstly I would just like to say as massive Thank You to Sandy and her team for letting us spend more time with them again this year.
The Scouts in Sanyang who did an amazing parade for us, they were so in time with there steps, movements and salutes. They also played & sang Happy Birthday to me which was very moving for me and the memory will last forever. It where an honour to watch them parade. A massive well done to Janko the scout leader, to which I may add is only 23/ 24 years old.
The Head Teacher and Staff at Basori for letting us come to the school once again. Making us feel so welcome with banners for our arrival, which are very nice keep sakes for us. The school is coming on leaps and bounds through Sandy's hard work and dedication to the village.
A few Thanks You's now as I feel we need to,
- The ladies from the village for coming out in full force to put on a welcome for us and getting us up to dance (they are very good at it too).
- Fansu, Bless and Baba for putting up with me and Jonny and for being so kind to us all through our holiday. Loved spending time with you guys.
Last put not least I have a Thank Bless's sister for cooking us real Gambian food on our visits. Her food is amazing. While sitting under the mango tree in there compound having lunch, with the kids playing, the odd donkey passing by it's hard to describe the felling you get from this.

Thank you again to everyone.
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