Julie Boyle wrote on 6th March 2011:

  • By Daniel Harston
  • 10 Oct, 2016
Spending the day at the schools and with Sandy and her team was the absolute highlight of our holiday.
Gambia is an amazing country to visit and being able to see the real Gambia and give a little back was life changing.
Everyone we met the day we spent with Sandy were fantastic. Its so refreshing to always see smiling and welcoming faces. Both my boyfriend and I came away having learned so much about the important things in life, we really felt the they gave us knowledge far outweighed the gifts we brought.

It was so wonderful meeting all the lovely children and teachers. I felt so overwhelmed at the schools, watching the kids read of the blackboards and sing is a memory I'll hold forever.

Sandy is doing a fantastic job and I truly wish her all the best. I have no doubt she will achieve all she has set out too as her determination and hard work are second to none.

Since we've got back I've told everyone I possibly can to visit Gambia, I cant think of a single person who wouldn't enjoy such an experience.

Big thanks to Sandy, Fansu, Bless and Lamin Boy for making our holiday a truly fantastic experience.
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