Jo Slogget wrote on 20th November 2012:

  • By Daniel Harston
  • 11 Oct, 2016
We had a wonderful and uplifting day with Sandy. We were taken to Kitty to visit the school and a compound.
When we arrived at the school I was completely overwhelmed by the joyous and happy greeting of the children.
The ladies of the village had come to greet us and very soon Sandy and I were dancing or at least I was trying to follow the women and their enthusiastic dancing.
Dave meanwhile had managed to begin a conversation with the teachers using the universal language of football.
We walked around the class rooms and met the children some of whom sang to us. We were made to feel really special such a wonderful experience.
We took some gifts of books and pencils etc but only wish we could have bought more.
We were able to bring very little with us just a drop in the ocean really but we gained so much more from this visit.
I was touched on so many levels.
So thankyou Sandy for taking us on a wonderful visit . We look forward to meeting up again in March 2013 x
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