By Daniel Harston 10 Apr, 2017
I don't know where to begin to say thank you for all you did, we are both lost for words to describe what it meant to us, it truly made our trip this time so special. I'm so glad we found you and got involved with your project and we are especially keen to start gathering supplies for your clinic. Thank you so much again for a very special day and look forward hopefully another visit in the future.
By Daniel Harston 07 Apr, 2017
We visited The Gambia for the first time in February 2017. We were kindly offered to spend a day with Sandy visiting Bantangba Nursery. It was amazing to see with our own eyes the work put in by Goal For The Gambia, truly inspirational. We received a warm welcome by the teachers, students and parents alike. The highlight of the day was the welcome song the children sang us. Thank you Sandy and the whole Goal For The Gambia team for making our day extra special and we look forward to seeing you again in the future!
By Daniel Harston 03 Mar, 2017
Another fantastic day with Sandy and the team visiting the nursery school at Somita. Wow, what a difference 2 years makes. There is now another building with an additional classroom and a Dream Room where the children are able to go and have either structured or free play. What always strikes me about this school is just how happy everyone is and how dedicated and committed the teaching staff are.The welcome the school gave to Megan was overwhelming. There were certainly some tears of joy and thanks. Lunch in Yanks's compound was as delicious as ever with hospitality as generous as always. My husband and I are proud to support this wonderful charity. Thanks for a top day.

By Daniel Harston 03 Mar, 2017
I'd like to just say again what an amazing experience we had at the school and the compound. Myself and my children were completely blown away and felt humbled by the kindness we were shown. After the beautiful and very emotional welcome we were given from the children and staff at the school, we had a short meeting with the head teacher who told us all about the school and the support from the charity. We were then welcomed into each classroom where we saw the amazing effort and work each teacher puts in, the teachers were outstanding! The children from each class sang a little song before we left, they were all so lovely. Next we had a dance and a kind of ceremony where we were given Gambian names in the shade of the unbelievably huge tree. We left the school feeling so privileged to have met such kind, beautiful people. We then went to a compound where we were shown around and told about life there. We were made to feel so welcome, we played with the children a little, while the lovely ladies prepared us an utterly delicious meal of benachin and domoda. The food was out of this world!! I can't express just how much gratitude I have for the family for making us feel so comfortable in their home and there are no words to indicate what a fabulous day we had. It was a day myself and my children learnt so much and we will never forget it. Thank you again so much to all involved and a special thank you to Sandy and her amazing team who made it such an enjoyable experience xxx

By Daniel Harston 03 Mar, 2017

Just a massive thanks for everything on Wednesday. We really were truly amazed by the work you have done and the welcome from all the kids Bantangba Nursery and Somita Clinic. We both said afterwards how much we were fighting back tears throughout the day. We will definitely be back and try and help in any way we can running forwards. Xx

By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016

I am delighted to welcome Njagga Touray as our newest GOAL For The Gambia employee. He will be our nurse at Somita! Many of you know him already as he was posted to the clinic by the Government but he was not there full time. We really needed to have a permanent full time qualified nurse there to work with Seedhou and the team so we are very happy that we have managed to persuade him to come and work with us. Of course we need to pay him well to keep him there so if there are any people out there who prefer to support the health side of our work please consider a monthly donation towards his salary.

By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
We were keen to help out a local charity in bringing out a few items of stationery, medical supplies and football shirts. After a stroke of luck via Trip Advisor, I was introduced to Sandy and that was that. The woman is a "Wonder of the world." She co-ordinated our day visit to Kitty School where we given a welcome like the Royal Family would expect. A fantastic place with enthusiastic teachers and pupils.

The school is in the process of having a much needed staff room being built by its own staff! Commitment! We were fortunate enough to have been given approx 50kg worth of contributions from friends.  
A great day out and thoroughly recommended.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
This was my first time visiting The Gambia and I had a great time highlighted by my visit to Bantangba nursery.  
Sandy and Sarjo were an inspiration. The work they have put in to establish the Nursery is commendable. The children welcomed me with singing and smiling faces. They were all exceptionally well behaved and a credit to the teachers. I was treated with great hospitality by all. I highly recommend a visit to any of the charities projects.  

Thanks Sandy and Sarjo for a great day out.
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
Just home from our second fantastic holiday in The Gambia and I'm sure we will return in the not too distant future.
We spent an inspirational day with Sandy at Somita village visiting the Bantangba nursery school and clinic , the staff and children at the school made us so welcome and we loved hearing them sing. It's amazing how much English language they have learnt in the few short months since the school opened and they are all obviously very happy there.

Don't miss a visit if you are on holiday in the Gambia , it's a great day out and an experience you will always treasure.
Thanks Sandy & Sarjo
By Daniel Harston 11 Oct, 2016
I visited The Gambia for the third year in a row with 8 high school students and another teacher. During our trip we spent 2 days visiting 2 of the schools that GOAL for The Gambia works with - Bangtang Nursery in Somita and Kitty School. Both days were absolutely fabulous and our students enjoyed them so much they didn't want to leave!

Within a week of our return one student has persuaded 2 people to sponsor children and all students have met with the head teacher to ask if they can do anything in school to promote knowledge of the work. Such a rewarding experience - please go if you can!
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